Fury in Freeport

Part Fourteen

Flailing lizards and frenzied goblins


Trapped in Sardaine’s burning bar, Willard recalls that it is only a flimsy shack and uses his strength to push through the left wall and emerge safely outside; his actions however have the unintended consequence of causing the middle of the shack to collapse, trapping Sardaine at the other end of the structure. The barkeep in turn decides to copy Willard and pushes through the right hand wall; however, this causes more of the burning building to collapse and the two Molotov cocktails he has left under the bar explode, engulfing him in flames. Sardaine emerges outside but collapses face down on the ground, still on fire. Pilchard comes running around the side of the building and promptly beheads the unfortunate barkeep.

Willard turns the corner to the front of the shack and charges Monkfish who has just reloaded his crossbow. The Fishmonger gang enforcer manages to avoid Willard’s sabre blow and promptly shoots him in the chest, killing him outright. The fight finally over, the two surviving members of the Fishmonger gang dust themselves off and wonder how they will manage to maintain control over Bloodsalt’s rotten fish supply.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Freeport, the group approaches the gates of the old city and manage to bribe their way past the city guard. They reach the Street of Dreams at dusk and search for Uri Tasovar’s abode which to their surprise turns out to be the tailors shop next door to the Knorbertal house. The shop is shut and locked up for the night and they rap on the door; Uri is spotted peeking from the upstairs window and appears panicked. The group beckon him to open the window which he does and he asks them what they want. Izzard informs Uri that the tailor is the last living descendent of the Dockside guardhouse during the time of the Back Alley War and that he is in imminent danger from Aporcus Beedle; the Kobold conman convinces the nervous tailor that it is in his interest to let the group in and that they will protect him. Uri, impressed at how much Izzard knows about him, duly lets the group into his home and shop. After a discussion on tactics the group decide to hide Uri at the rear of the stockroom, behind some boxes while posting Lucern and Izzard nearby ready to ambush any attacker – Edward goes up to Uri’s room and lays in the man’s bed, axe at the ready and Gito hides under the bed with his dagger drawn.

Darkness falls and an hour later something slams against the locked shop door, alerting everyone. A second impact busts the door open and they all hear someone come stomping into the house; the footsteps quickly ascend the stairs. Edward and Gito hear the doors to the two other rooms upstairs being kicked open while Lucern and Izzard come out from the storeroom and creep up the stairs. The door to Uri’s room bursts open and Edward screams in terror as he beholds the terrible sight of Aporcus Beedle with green glowing eyes standing in the doorway, clutching an old wavy dagger with a emerald pommel. The greasy faced petty criminal comes rushing into the room dagger raised, ready to stab Edward but Gito lashes out from under the bed and lands a severe wound to the attacker’s leg, sending him flying into the far corner. Edward leaps up from the bed and swings his axe but Aporcus is still too swift and blokes the blow. Lucern and Izzard come rushing into the room to join the fray and the former quickly picks up the small lizard and propels him at Aporcus – the Kobold delivers a claw attack to the face that badly wounds the demented attacker. Aporcus attempts to stab the lizard but Izzard jumps back onto the bed; Gito takes another lunge with his dagger but misses. Lucern, observing the green glowing eyes of Aporcus realises that the young man is probably possessed by some sort of spirit, so she casts her banishing spell. A shimmering green apparition of a young woman instantly emerges from Aporcus, she screams in rage as she is drawn into the emerald pommel of the dagger. Aporcus is suddenly himself again and he is left standing in the corner, badly wounded and utterly confused as to where he is and what’s going on. The group, still surrounding him, shout for him to drop the dagger, which he does.

The group then quiz the errant and bewildered evil-doer and Aporcus confirms that the case and the dagger were always his and that he has no recollection whatsoever of the murders he has committed. Satisfied that Beedle has indeed been possessed by the strange dagger the group ties the young criminal up and carefully retrieve the enchanted weapon, placing it in a sack. Uri is retrieved from his hiding place and the terrified tailor issues some choice insults at Aporcus as the criminal is lead out of the shop. The group emerge out into the dark night of the Street of Dreams intent to march Aporcus and the dagger straight to Tarmon, who is located a short distance away. A minute later as they walk away Lucern, Aporcus and Edward are all sent flying as something big slams into them; Gito and Izzard spin around to see two Dretches, the same type of demonic creature they encountered in the MAH. One of the creatures lunges at Gito and attempts to grab the bag containing the dagger but the goblin thief is too nimble and he turns and runs away down the street, leaving his comrades to their fate. Izzard jumps up at one of the creatures at and claws it in the face, badly injuring it. Realising that it is facing capable adversaries as well as being on a mission, the first Dretch refrains from attacking and instead casts a summoning spell and another Dretch appears halfway down the street, blocking Gito’s path. The injured demon attacks Izzard and the Kobold crim receives a swipe from its claw, injuring him, but Lucern comes to the rescue and delivers a blow with a knife that ends the monstrosity. The first creature lunges and grabs a-hold of Aporcus and carries him away from the group, kicking and screaming.

Gito darts past the freshly summoned Dretch but as he passes it manages to hit the dagger bag out of his grip. The goblin stops in his tracks, turns and snatches the bag back up, avoiding a blow in the process; he then resumes his flight but the demon summons forth another of his kin and he is now being closely chased by two of the nightmare creatures. Edward, injured badly in the attack repeatedly tries to pick himself up but he is terribly weak; ignoring Aporcus’ now distant screams Lucern rushes to the musketeer’s aid and uses her holy magical abilities to heal him of his wounds. Izzard also chooses to leave Aporcus to his fate in favour of running after Gito and his pursuers. As they reach the end of the street one of the Dretches manages to catch up and grab the dagger bag while its colleague attempts to attack the goblin. Gito avoids the creature’s claws and manages to land a strike with his blade, he then turns to chase after the monster with the bag; this creature, observing that it is being pursued summons another of its number to deal with Gito. Face to face with the newly summoned monster Gito enters combat once more and avoids its strike while managing stabbing it. Izzard manages to catch up to the melee and assists the goblin thief deal with the two wounded demons; once both threats are dealt with they realise that they have lost sight of the Dretch with the dagger.




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