Fury in Freeport

Part Sixteen

All good things come to a happy-ish end


The bloody fight in the bottom aft of the ship continues. Two dretches and two city guards have already expired. Lucern, badly injured by one of the demons, casts a healing spell on herself. O’Tarkan pulls back further into the small room while the First Mate pushes the bound Aporcus aside and springs forward to close the door to hold up the arrival of the enemy re-enforcements thundering towards them. Izzard, moves forward in a lizard fury and attempts to attack the First Mate but fails in his attack and falls inside the room as the door is closed and bolted from the inside. He quickly picks himself up and springs at O’Tarkan, his deadly claws flashing – but he is deceived. He failed to notice the evil mage casting an illusion spell mere seconds before – and therefore passes through the projected image and smashes into the rear wall, falling to the ground. O’Tarkan, standing only a couple of feet away, rushes over and stabs the prone figure with the cursed dagger, killing the unfortunate Kobald conman where he lies.

The rest of the boarding party come rushing up to the closed door. Before they can smash it down Gito tells them all to stand aside as he will pick the lock; which he subsequently does – but the door is bolted from the inside so the city guard have to go back to their original plan and break the door down. As they rush in one of the guards in stabbed in the neck by the First Mate and falls down dead. The remainder of the city guard pile in, delivering strike after strike at the veteran sailor but he is extremely swift and skilled, taking only a single wound as he fatally carves up yet another of their number. O’Tarkan joins in the fray and plunges the dagger into the heart of another guard. Gito, observing that his group are making very little progress against the Mazzin slaver hierarchy decides to stealthily steal into the room and creep around to the back – staying out of the way of the fray. The frantic lethal fight continues unabated and as the guard lieutenant desperately tries to halt the steady decimation of his men by killing the mage he witnesses his final man receive a fatal stab wound. A flurry of sword swings later and O’Tarkan dodges the blows and then slices the Lieutenant’s throat.

Things are now so desperate that Lucern has no choice but to join the fight with her dagger drawn. Just as it looks like the diabolical forces might prove victorious, Gito, unobserved by O’Tarkan, springs onto the mage’s back from behind and delivers a devastatingly powerful killing blow. Shocked by the demise of his master, the First Mate fights on but less effectively – Lucern managing to avoid all his knife swings but equally not sufficiently capable to land a blow herself; it’s only a matter of time before she to falls victim to the Mazzin slavers. The Goblin thief leaps from the body of the dead mage and swiftly launches an equally deadly attack at the First Mate’s exposed back. Seconds later and the Goblin thief stands victorious on a pile of his comrades’ and enemies’ bloodied bodies. Only Lucern is left standing to witness her colleague’s triumph; and Aporcus, who they manage to stop sneaking out, still bound.

They emerge on the deck of The Narwhale, which is still littered with the corpses of its slain crew (only the cook has managed to survive the onslaught and he has crept away while everyone was fighting bellow deck); they are just in time to witness Tarmon’s arrival accompanied with a large city guard contingent. The sagely mage and council member regales the sight of the bloodbath with shock and asks the two survivors what occurred. Gito, dodgy individual that he is, gives a very vague and unconvincing account of the event, largely pleading ignorance. Tarmon, concerned about having the cursed dagger loose in his city asks about its location and the foolish Goblin attempts to convince him that the Mazzin slavers threw it in the harbour at the beginning of the battle. Hoping to gain himself some credit with his future captors, Aporcus openly contradicts Gito and tells Tarmon that the Goblin thief has the item on his person, which is hotly denied by the individual. Not knowing what to believe, Tarmon orders the city guard to search all three of the individuals and it is only then that Gito comes clean and hands the lethal weapon over. Tarmon is shocked and offended by the deceit but is largely so relieved to finally have possession of the dangerous supernatural blade that he refrains from punishing the petty criminal and even concedes to Gito’s request of taking ownership of The Narwhale.

With a parting gift of gold, Tarmon carts Aporcus away to The Keep while the city guard set about removing all the bodies from the ship. Over the proceeding days Gito will use the money to hire a ship’s crew in Freeport with the intention of becoming a Goblin pirate on the high seas; Lucern, for her part, wants nothing to do with the criminal’s errant plans and opts to wander the streets of Freeport, looking to give aid to those most in need of it. Whether the two survivors of the small contingent that so recently arrived in Freeport aboard The Black Rose will give much pause for thought for their recently deceased comrades in arms – the valiant Edward, the resourceful Izzard, the lethal Willard, the mislead Malefice and the deranged Zan’thire, will remain a mystery. Life in Freeport however will almost certainly continue as normal, nearly all its denizens blissfully unaware of the causes of so much recent bloodshed and disruption and the narrowly avoided local apocalypse that would have been unleashed by an evil foreign mage and a cursed emerald dagger.




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