Fury in Freeport

Part Thirteen

Questions & Coin = The Path to Truth


Mote’s bodyguard who fled, Pilchard, runs over to the FishMongers Gang’s Fish Cannery, where Karcil and Mote’s adopted Orc brother, Bailey, is slumbering. Pilchard informs Bailey about brother’s death, killed in a deadly attack by members of the Bloody Nose gang. Bailey, conferring with the gang’s only other remaining footsoldier, a Hobgoblin called Monkfish, concoct a plan of action – they decide to head over to Sardaines, lay a trap out front, set fire to the rear and shoot and slash anyone who comes out of the establishment. After gathering their equipment they head off.

Willard arrives back at Sardaines, tired and worn, carrying a number of looted firearms. The barkeep enquires how the raid went and asks where all his men are; the half-orc recounts events and apologises for the fact that all the Bloody Nose gang’s muscle is now dead. A short time later, Goldie, the gang’s goblin messenger, bursts into the bar and reports that his sources have told him that Bailey has been informed of his brother’s death and is out looking for revenge. Sardaine and Willard decide that they will head off this threat by launching a counter attack; they task Goldie to go out and scout for Bailey’s whereabouts and to return with the location while the duo remain behind, Sardaine preparing their weapons, including two Molotov cocktails, and Willard keeping watch outside the rickety shack.

A short time later an eagle-eyed Willard spots a very angry Orc emerging from a lane opposite, accompanied by a couple of others behind – Bailey, realising he has lost the element of surprise, charges at the half-orc duellist while Monkfish steps to the side to take aim with his crossbow; Pilchard heads of in the opposite direction to set fire to the rear of Sardaines. Monkfish fires a bolt but misses; Bailey comes rushing at Willard with his sword ready to cleave him in two. Willard however, is too nimble for the Orc and manages to dart aside at the last moment, sending Bailey flying into Sardaine’s, which alerts the barkeep to the attack. Sardaine pulls out the first of two pistols under the bar and opens fire, hitting Bailey in the ribs. The enraged Orc brute bellows in rage and takes a swipe at Willard with his sword but the duellist is once again too nimble and avoids the blow and strikes back with his own sabre, seriously wounding his attacker. Sardaine then pulls the other pistol and proceeds to shoot Bailey square in the head, killing him. The rear of the shack then erupts in flames thanks to Pilchard, and Monkfish arrives at the threshold of the bar and fires his crossbow at Willard, this time managing to hit him in the left arm. The duellist tries to rush Monkfish but the Hobgoblin manages to repel him; Sardaine tries likewise, striking out with a knife that lightly wounds Monkfish. Pilchard comes rushing around the side of the building and pulls Monkfish outside and slams the door shut, sealing Sardaine and Willard inside the burning building.

On the other side of the city, in the Docks District, the group wake up in the Sea Hag tavern and work out what to do next. They decide that the murders reported in The Shipping News need to be investigated since they are implicated in them, but they also need to meet up with Otarkan Farastay at 8am as arranged the night before. They decide that Gito and Edward will keep the appointment with Farastay while Lucerne and Izzard head off to Rose Alley to learn of one of the murders. A short time later the Kobalt conman and delightful druid cleric are standing in the rough streets where the first murder occurred – they spot a couple of prostitutes sat on a nearby doorstep and approach them. The two rough-looking comfort ladies are wary of the pair at first but the production of coin soon gets their tongues wagging and it is revealed that Old Sasha, the murdered prostitute, was last seen in the company of a greasy faced young man who took her down a side alley. They also reveal that Old Sasha’s murder was doubly surprising as she had nothing to her name and in all probability would have died from the rot within the year. Intent on being thorough, Lucern and Izzard bribe the prostitutes further to gain access to Old Sasha’s shared flat; once there they learn from the other denizen’s that Old Sasha has no surviving family and that the only relative they knew of was her father, Henry, who is long deceased.

Edward and Gito arrive at the Merchant District docks and spot the Narwhale. The goblin thief, delighted with his skilful stalking of Farastay the day before decides to show off his art some more and is determined to sneak onboard and surprise the foreign merchant prior to their meeting; Edward tries in vain to talk the thief out of this silly plan but eventually gives up and decides to wait by a pile of crates. Gito’s first attempt is unsuccessful but he is determined and so walks a short distance away, dives into the water, swims over to the ship, climbs the anchor chain, creeps on deck, sneaks into the aft quarters, heads into Farastay’s cabin, and upon noting the merchant’s absence, decides to sit and wait in the man’s chair. Outside, Edward note’s that 8am has long gone and there’s been no sign of Farastay.
Lucern and Izzard leave Rose Alley and make their way over to Kergen’s Kradle to learn about the second reported death. Inside the tatty and rundown residence they encounter the proprietor, Kergen, once more. The pair approach him and find that the man is shaking in fear so much that he doesn’t even recognise Lucern (who’s actually disguised). They ask him about the murder and he reveals that the victim was Rene Montblanc, an adventurer from the continent who’s family came from Freeport. He says that he saw Aporcus Beedle come rushing into the building late at night with green glowing eyes and clutching a dagger. Again, determined to be thorough, they pay to see Rene’s quarters and spend some time questioning the other residents but learn little else.

One of the Narwhale’s crew comes to clean Farastay’s cabin and spots Gito sitting in the boss’ chair. The crewman grabs ahold of the goblin and drags him onto the deck, where he then throws him overboard, into the harbour. The goblin swims ashore and joins Edward at the crates. At a loss at what to do next and with no apparent sign of Farastay, they decide to wait some more and eventually fall asleep.

Rather than go to the scene of the third murder Lucern and Izzard opt to go to the city’s Office of Public Records, where they proceed to have a row concerning Izzard’s repeated thefts of the cleric’s money. The Record Keeper, Old Reed, hears the commotion and ejects Lucern; Izzard manages to buy his way in by donating generously to the institute, which also buys some of Old Reed’s assistance and time. For the rest of the day, and with a top up of donations, Izzard learns of a link between all three victims – their fathers, Henry, Montblanc and Proy, were all City Guards who inhabited a guardhouse in the Dockside District, alongside a guard called Rue during the notorious Back Alley War some fifty years ago. Additional research shows that after the war with the Thieves Guild, Rue was convicted and executed for being a cultist of some dark god. There is only one living descendant of the old guard house’s residents, Rue’s son, Uri, who changed his name to Tasovar. Another check of the records reveals that Uri Tasovar lives on the Street of Dreams, the same street where Knorbertal House stands. Believing they know where Aporcus will strike next, Lucern and Izzard head over to the Merchant’s District and locate Edward and Gito and give an account of all they have learned before setting off for the Old Town and the Street of Dreams.




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