Lucern Varkey

Human mystic with a thirst for knowledge and a wish to spread the word


A very good looking and alluring young woman. She is fairly tall and slender and dresses in modest and moderate clothing that downplays her natural beauty.

Aspects – My religion is persecuted and I need a place where I can safely practice it; I smoke a lot of moon-weed and it gives me spiritual inspiration (and the munchies). The power to bless.

Stunts – 3rd human from the left; Multicultural human.

Fate – Retired from the adventurer’s life, miraculously alive and with a few new scars. Is pursuing a more holy line of clerical work assisting Freeport’s abundance of unfortunate and lost souls.

Lucern draws the attention of many a man and can often convince them to listen to her speak of the gods and the power of the other world. Religion, mystical lore and academic studies fascinate her

Lucern Varkey

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