Prince Zan'thire Silverwood

Murdered his brother. Now his father, the King, wants him dead


Tall, young, slender with a cruel and pompous demeanor. Wears fine clothes and carries items of fine workmanship. Wealthy.

Aspects – Exiled Prince/Murderer on the run; I’ll do anything to get ahead; dark magic addiction

Stunts – Eleven Arcane loremaster; What do my Elven eyes see?

Fate – Was devoured by a crowd of ravenous zombies on the beach of a remote desert island. An ignoble and somewhat painful death for the prince.


Vain and pompous, young Prince Zan’thire couldn’t wait for his turn on the throne and used the dark magical arts to kill his older brother. Unfortunately the prince’s criminal skills were not on par with his lore and he was soon found out.

With a bounty on his head he needed to make himself scarce fast lest an Elven assassin does away with him one dark night. Freeport was the obvious, nearest and safest location in which to spend his exile; but his large sum of coin will surely dwindle unless he finds a new source of wealth to replenish it.

Prince Zan'thire Silverwood

Fury in Freeport Cthulhu_Man_Dan