Willard Drakesting

Half-Orc with daddy issues and a identity complex


A large and solid half-orc who is scary to behold and towers over most folks. Dressed in rough and worn regular clothes.

Aspects – I wish I was a full-blood Orc; I move in dark circles; duellist.

Stunts – Menacing half-orc; Might of the one-eyed.

Fate – Met his death via a well aimed close range crossbow bolt to the chest while battling hard for the forces of greed and evil.


Born on the small island nation of Juliama to the human Mary Wallenstein and the orcish chief Throgar Drakesting. He was named after his mother’s father Willard Wallenstein, who was a well known industrialist and had served as High Duke for several years.
Juliana was a tolerant nation but contained many racists elements, Willard learned from an early age that there were certain people you just didn’t talk too. Because his father was usually away on long trips to the continent, Willard was raised by his mother and Grandfather. Whenever his father would come to visit he would always stay with the boy and teach him of the orcish ways, how to fight and the ancient stories of the orcish people. As chief of the Ironforge clan, Throgar had a lot of influence among the orcish people, and he was often away campaigning with fellow orcs in countries with little rights for orcish freedoms. As such there is not an orc in the clan systems who does not know the name Throgar Drakesting.
These stories of his fathers adventures traveling the world gave Willard a romantic view of the orcish way of life. Soon after his tenth birthday his father disappeared and Willard never saw him again.
Willard was trained to use the sword as a duelist, and was competing in tournaments and beating men twice his size before he was twenty. His grandfather had been a successful duelist in his youth and taught him everything he knew before he passed. After his Grandfathers death, Willard decided it was time to make his fortune in the world, he bid his mother a sorrowful goodbye and went on his way, promising to return one day when he had learnt what it meant to be a great orc like his father.
He earned work as a mercenary when not competing in tournaments, and fought in quite a few bloody campaigns, but managed to keep himself alive and made many friends as he journeyed, but he never found any mention of his father anywhere, the Orcs he spoke too knew nothing of where his father could be. Willard would often spend many a night in Orcish camps, he was never allowed to sleep inside the camps as half-orcs are looked down upon by their full-blooded cousins.
Eventually he heard word that his father might be in a pirate city to the north: Freeport. So he journeyed to the north and managed to book passage on a ship, on his journey he met with his old friend Edward Hawking, and his former Goblin associate Gitto.

Being raised by humans and looking up to his orcish father had a serious effect on Willard’s mental growth. He is a confused man, he was raised by loving humans but grew up on stories of adventuring orcs, he wishes to be a full blood orc but loves his mother and grandfather. That is the point of his journey, to discover what it means to be orcish and find out where his father disappeared to.

Willard Drakesting

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