Fury in Freeport

Part Six
Pimps, Pirates & Pints


The psychotic Prince Zan’thire remains trussed up in the brig of the Questalis merchant ship. An Elven seaman ensures that he is routinely fed a basic meal at regular intervals and a marine periodically checks the integrity of the cell door and the bonds. After a restless night’s half-sleep the prince spends the morning gauging his surroundings prior to receiving his lunch. He then attempts to slip one of his hands out of a manacle and after an hour of careful and painful pulling he manages the feat. Over the following three hours he manages to free his other hand and then casts a spell to cut through the neck brace. Finally free from his restraints he then casts a spell that unlocks his cell door – the maniac is free again!

He opens the door of the brig, just about to creep up and out, when he bumps into the Elf seaman coming to deliver his tea. The food is dropped and the seaman wisely flees for his life while the marine at the end of the corridor raises the alarm. Zan’thire attempts to cause a fire by smashing a nearby lamp and then attempts to scuttle the ship by casting a spell to blow a hole in the vessel’s floor as a group of marines coming running down the stairs. The spell is miscast and four angry marines are running towards him armed with a net and cudgels; Zan’thire concentrates and recasts the spell. This time he is successful and there is a powerful explosion the tears up the floor before him – three of the marines are too fast and pass over before the blast but a fourth is not so lucky and falls screaming. Before the maniac Prince can do anything further the marines are upon him and the last thing he sees is a cudgel being swung at his head and then there is only darkness.

When he wakes up Zan’thire can barely see – largely because only a single lamp lights the room and because one of his eyes is now swollen shut. He sees that he is once again trussed up, this time even tighter, and now he also has a weighted net draped over him. A moment later he realises he is now in the adjacent cell within the brig! The time once again drifts by before his half-crazy musings are abruptly interrupted by a juddering impact – something has rammed into the ship. Moments later there are sounds of shouting followed by the sounds of clashing swords, musket fire and screams. The noise of battle fades after time and 45 minutes later all is silent when Zan’thire hears unfamiliar voices marvelling at the massive hole in the ship’s floor; the mad prince calls out to them. Moments later the brig door is kicked in and a furtive haggard pirate comes into view brandishing a musket. A second pirate, evil looking and weasel-like, peers and laughs at the amusing sight of the trussed up Elf prince.

Back in Freeport, within an Old City keep jail, Willard is getting to know his new Orc friends of The Bloodied Nose gang. Nargil congratulates Willard on joining the gang and informs him that Karcil’s gang will most assuredly be out to get him in revenge for their boss’ murder. Nargil tells Willard that he will protect him and that they’re going to get him out of the jail, and that he can seek safety in one of their gang safe houses in Bloodsalt. Willard is instructed to locate Sardain and to pass on the message that Karcil is dead and that Mote is to be taken care of. A bribe of some well hidden coins to the guards buys Willard his freedom and he is escorted to outside of the keep’s walls. From there, as night falls, Willard has to make his way out of the Old City, where he will surely be arrested if encountered by the City Watch, and across the city to Bloodsalt. He stealthily and briskly walks through the streets, jumping into a fountain at one point to avoid a guard patrol, and then manages to successfully bluff his way out of the Old City’s gates and into the Eastern District.

The rest of the gang are still dealing with the aftermath of the Black Knot ambush. One of their attackers has successfully escaped and Gito mischievously attempts to set the house on fire but the wiser and more moral Edward prevents this. Izzard rifles through all the corpses, retrieving an axe and about seven copper coins. The group then blunders on down the streets of Scurveytown attracting more negative attention from the locals as they prepare to shut up their abodes for the night. Edward, distancing himself from the non-humans of his group, manages to learn that the Chum House is nowhere near the middle of the district; it is in fact on the dockside, where they originally were!

The group duly heads off, this time wising up to the fact that the whole of Scurveytown hates non-humans and especially greenskins; Izzard stands on Gito’s shoulders and they manage to disguise themselves as a single sinister looking human, supported by Edward. An hour later and the foursome have managed to balance their way across town to the docks. After a quick confab on the best approach to take it is decided that Lucern will go out and find out where the Chum House is exactly located while the rest hide in the shadows, not attracting any further unwanted attention. The very attractive peace-loving mystic walks over to a couple of prostitutes and attempts to buy directions to the Chum House but this only serves to gain the attention of a nearby pimp who recognises that the very attractive woman is out of place and a viable victim for robbery. The pimp attempts to first extort Lucern’s monies and then, failing that, grabs a-hold of her and rifles through her pockets and manages to retrieve several coins. The mystic breaks free and pulls a knife, demanding the return of her money. The pimp laughs in her face, turns and walks away, calling her a bitch. This enrages the normally pacifist Lucern and she springs forward and plunges the blade into the pimp’s back. The man falls screaming and the mystic wastes no time searching through his pockets and locating her stolen money.

During the encounter with the pimp the exact location of the Chum House was revealed and the group have another quick discussion and decide that perhaps it’s best not to take any greenskins into the bar and that maybe only one of the group should go in to initially scout the place out and ask a few subtle questions; after some deliberation they conclude that having the highly attractive mystic go in on her own isn’t such a good idea so the responsibility falls on Edward, who agrees and makes his way over to the front door, with a wood-axe for company(!)

The awol musketeer opens the Chum House front door and finds himself in a dirty and ramshackle drinking den populated by some of the roughest looking types he’s ever seen. There are lots of mean-looking thin and wiry wild eyed men adorned with tattoos of black knots and hands – there’s even a massive flag with a black hand and black knot hanging from a wall – indicating that perhaps the Chum House serves as a club house for some rather greenskin-unfriendly fraternity. Lots of eyes fall on Edward – who is decidedly not a local. The rather large, finely moustached and slightly dangerous looking bar man suggests to Edward that he should hand over the wood-axe – which he wisely does. The musketeer sits himself down and makes casual conversation with the bar-keep and eventually asks him if he knows of Aporcus Beedle; and it turns out he does. The barman is clearly no fan of Beedle and angrily states that the no-gooder stood him up for a job, but ultimately he blames himself as he should have been smarter than to deal with a wizard! Edward enquires if the barman might perhaps know where he could find Beedle and is told that Kurgan’s Kradle in the Dockside district is his best bet. Having successfully gleaned useful information without instigating a fight, Edward leaves the dingy bar and informs the rest of the group – they duly set out for the location and manage to reach the dilapidated multi-storey abode without problems.


Part Five
Prison Love & Life on the Streets


Willard is stuck in the greenskin jail without friendly company and as the time drifts by he feels the call of nature. Having heard the guttural grunts of other relieving themselves violently in one of the far corners he sets about trying to locate the dunny. Midway across the dark as hell cell he is jostled and a voice to his right asks him who he is; Willard responds with wit but a voice to his left informs him that he is less than amusing. A gruffer and dumber voice directly to Willard’s back asks the first voice if it’s okay to strike the half-orc. The first voice, who is identified as Nargil, asks Willard to come over to one side so that they can discuss a business proposition. Willard resists, not wanting anything to do with the accosting strangers, but sadly they are insistent and the dumb voice to his back, belonging to one very large Orc called Hardnox, physically picks him up and carries him to the required destination. Nargil reveals to Willard that he wants him to take care of a small problem for him; this problem is in the form of another Orc gang leader, called Karcil, who occupies and runs the other side of the cell. Willard is given a shiv made out of a length of metal and half a bog brush and is told to stick it into Karcil. Willard, under some duress, agrees to the plan and obediently sets out on his new mission. Things almost quickly come to a calamitous early end when Willard bumps into an irate Hobgoblin who sends the half-orc and his shiv flying; fortunately the weapon is located before it can be pocketed by someone else. After bumbling around the other side of the cell, Willard finally manages to locate the corner where Karcil sits, surrounded by his gang of four Orcs. The duelist uses his wits to convince the Goblin gang leader that he has important information that he must hear outside of the earshot of the rest; Karcil feels so secure in his surroundings that he invites Willard closer. Willard duly informs the Goblin that Nargil wants him dead before driving the shiv into his throat. As a savage gurgling scream fills the cell, three of the four gang members manage to keep eyes on Willard and pursue him as he attempts to flee back to the other side of the cell. Knives flash out as the figures duck and weave through the crowd and Willard manages to parry and stay one step ahead. He reaches Nargil and his gang, who instruct Willard’s one remaining pursuer to leave before things get bad for him. Willard is then invited to take a seat next to Nargil.

It’s clearly a bad time to be a Goblin in Freeport; on the dockside in Scurveytown, Gito is being subjected to a torrent of racial abuse and missiles from a small crowd of street urchins. The rest of the group decide that it’s best to get away quickly and opt to follow the old drunken tramp’s directions to the Chum House so they can locate Aporcus Beedle. They head down several rough looking streets (the whole district is a derelict rat hole populated by the city’s human undesirables) and end up in a narrow side street where their path is suddenly blocked by three masked men armed with chair legs; at the same time two masked men armed with an axe and cutlass coming running out of a house behind them and block their line of retreat. The leader of the gang demands to know what the group is doing coming into Scurveytown in the company of a Goblin; the two men at the rear can barely contain their hatred and begin to close in on Gito who is at the rear. Feeling in threat of his life, Gito springs through the open door of a hovel to his right pursued by the two men. The leader and one other at the front also spring forward and give chase to the little greenskin.

The one attacker left at the front swings away with his chair leg and a fight ensues between him and Izzard and Edward. Lucern jumps to Gito’s rescue and throws herself into the path of the two attackers at the rear. A sword and axe are swung at her and she duly turns and runs away to safety leaving the rest of the group to it. Gito meanwhile swiftly ducks behind the door of the hovel and waits for the two men at the front to enter; he lithely jumps on the back of the last man and sinks his blade in the thug’s neck. The leader spins around and moves in to attack the Goblin but Gito launches himself at him and does a forward roll between the man’s legs; his manoeuvre doesn’t quite go as planned and he roll’s short – committed to defending himself he frantically thrusts his blade upwards and stabs the thug leader straight in the crown jewels, much to the horror of hovel’s resident who was innocently baking on her stove when the strangers suddenly burst into her home. Out on the street outside Izzard is leaping around and clawing at the street thugs, which enables Edward to gain an advantage and kill one of them. Lucern, feeling guilty at watching her comrades fighting for their lives without her, comes running back and manages to strike down one of the attackers herself with a dagger. Only one attacker is left and he turns and runs into the building from which he came, hotly pursued by the group; despite several attempts to bring him down and several swipes of blades at him, he manages to close a room door on them.

Still being held prisoner in the Keep for murdering seven city guards and master-minding the MAH robbery, Prince Zan’thire endures being trussed up like a Xmas turkey. Finally, after a couple of days he is brought out from the cramped cell and is taken upstairs onto the first floor into a room where Tarmon, the City Watcher’s Captain and three elves await. Tarmon informs the prince that a ship from his homeland has been diverted to pick him up; hence the Elven Sea Captain – Xilther, Marine Lieutenant Falthar and a subordinate Marine – Trillane. The necessary papers transferring custody are signed and Zan’thire is transported to the Elven ship, the Questalis, which is moored at the warehouse docks, under conditions of the utmost security. He is taken aboard the ship and placed within the brig, under even more stringent protective measures. The ship sets sail and after a couple of hours Falther visits the errant prince and discusses how eager everyone back in the kingdom is eager for Zan’thire’s return and subsequent public execution.


Part Four


Malefice and Zan’thire continue to attempt to break into the dining room inside the MAH when they hear the sound of approaching people; the next thing, three city guards enter the corridor from the auction yard. The Azhar paladin turns from his task, leaving it to the weakling Elf prince to continue the effort to break into the dining room, and meet the threat. The guards take a swipe at the templar but he is deft in the use of his trusty broadsword and easily deflects the blows and sends a couple of them sprawling to the floor, injured. Unfortunately, two wagon loads of reinforcements have turned up at the MAH and they begin to file into the building corridor.

With his path backwards blocked by the determined Elf, the deranged paladin has no option but to hold his ground and deal with the seemingly never ending line of advancing guards; but deal with them he almost does. The swords fly but the expert templar parries and blocks continuously and either knocks his attackers aside or cleaves them almost in two. A minute later and several guards are sprawled on the floor dead or injured. The paladin makes an attempt to stop the flow of attackers and risks exposing himself to attack by rushing forward and closing the door to the courtyard, receiving a vicious strike to the back in the process. Unfortunately the door isn’t locked and the guards re-enter and continue their assault on the lunatic intruders. The wave of attacks just keeps coming and by sheer mass of numbers the guards manage to land several blows that further degrade the Paladin’s ability to resist and after taking an unsuccessful swipe at one of the guards a counter strike take’s the Azhar’s head clean off; the golden armoured body slumps to the ground, a fountain of blood pumping from the stump.

Zan’thire, recoiling in fear, only too aware of his lack of fighting skills and having exhausted all his magical powers, left his deluded compatriot to his fate and speedily runs away around a corner and peeks out through a door, into the main courtyard. He spots a long line of guards filing into the building, including a mage. With no other options for exiting the building other than the front door, the elf dark mage plans to creep out through the front entrance and attempts to sneak over to the stage to hide. Unfortunately he is not stealthy enough and is spotted by the mage, who dispatches several guards to seize him. Zan’thire makes an attempt to flee back into the warehouse but is not fast enough and two guards catch up to him. Finally realising how futile his positioning is, the elf trouble-maker puts his hands up and surrenders.

For the next forty minutes the guards and mages clean up the mess, picking up the bodies, loading them onto the carts, threatening their prisoners before the local militia turns up along with a few of the more inquisitive local residents; soon the small crowd are baying for the captive group’s blood. Fortunately the wagons start to move and drive along the streets, straight into the old town and into the courtyard of a keep. The prisoners are taken into the custody room of the basement dungeon where their names are taken; they are relieved of all their belongings and then shut into cells. Zan’thire is incarcerated in a anti-magic cell to prevent him getting up to any additional mischief while the two green skins aren’t afforded cells of their own but are instead thrown into a large dark cell containing over twenty of their brethren. The next morning Edward, Izzard and Lucern are taken individually from their cells and are bought before Tarmon, the High Wizard of the Wizard’s Guild and member of the Captains Council. He interrogates them in turn and learns everything of the group’s escapades and the reasons for their assault on the MAH. Each of them points the finger at the deranged Elf prince, and then sign agreements to assist the elderly mage on recovering the malign enchanted object that was in the Knobertal house. The high wizard also enlightens them that the mysterious man they accepted the job from is probably Aporcus Beedle, the unruly criminal nephew of the late and well respected Delinda Knorbertal. The next subsequent morning the three are brought before Tarmon again to receive a briefing on their new task; before commencement the trio ask for the release of both Gito and Willard, stating that their skills will assist them. Tarmon mulls the request over and agrees to release only one of the green skins for the short time; after short deliberation they ask for Gito.

Gito is shortly retrieved from the greenskin cell and brought to join the others after signing a document. Tarmon informs the foursome that their task is to locate Aporcus Beedle and the mysterious unknown relic. While Willard is left to rot in his cell the group set off for the Dockside and back to the Silver Hag tavern. Lucern uses the allure of her good looks on the young barman within to learn that the Chum House, the place Beedle had told the group to meet him with the stolen case, is in the middle of the Scurveytown district. The group finally reaches the edge of Scurveytown and walk along the seafront façade of decaying ramshackle hovels and come across a group of street urchins and a slumped drunk tramp. Gito unwisely decides to approach the drunkard and ask directions for the Chum House; the haggard boosehound is offended by being accosted by a filthy greenskin and lets the goblinoid thief know with some choice insults. Soon the street urchins are also joining in taunting Gito; while this unpleasant scene transpires Edward decides to take advantage of the situation and convinces the drunkard to reveal the location of the Chump House to him. The drunk tramp duly gives the directions to the location. Back at the keep, Zan’thire is finally brought out from his cell, bound in magical chains. He is brought before Tarmon who informs him that the council has contacted his father, King Garoldus, and a ship is on its way to return the errant royal murderer to face familial justice.


Part Three


Confronted by the two guards, Gito sprints forward and slides through their legs and out into the hall beyond and spots two other guards at the other end – he springs through the door which leads into the outdoor auction room and finds himself face to face with the guard sergeant, another guard and a mage. The goblin thief sprints for the door to his left and races into the warehouse hotly pursued. He jumps on top of the packing crates in an effort to grasp the rope to freedom but is struck by a spell cast by the mage. Gito is suddenly, inexplicably compelled to answer the young wizard when asked about his life’s story; as he begins to recount he is grasped firmly by a couple of guards.

Edward the musketeer, Izzard the dirty lizard and Lucern the mystic stand on top of the warehouse roof, peering down the ventilation shaft, waiting for Gito to appear; he does not. Edward tasks Lucerne to seek help from Willard the half-orc – this involves clambering across a rope and straddling the outer wall. She duly shouts down to Willard, Malefice the Paladin and Zan’thire the Elf Prince and beseeches them to help. They quickly race off towards the front entrance without a second thought. From her vantage point on the wall, Lucern sees two guards come racing down the walkway towards her. Meanwhile a guard’s hands appear on the rim of the ventilation tower and Edward quickly sets about dealing with the newcomer, knocking him unconscious. Peering down the ventilation tower, Edward observes that another guard is already climbing up the rope – he doesn’t however spot the mage below, readying to cast another spell.

As Zan’thire, the half-orc and the paladin race along the side of the building a group of six guards come running around the corner to meet them. Inexplicably, the trio don’t even consider turning and fleeing and instead chose to meet the threat head on. Willard is first to blows and is soon surrounded by three of the guards; using his duelling skills he is able to disarm one of them and hold the other two at bay. The paladin launches himself at the group and brings three of them down and manages to spring up and run through two of them with his broadsword (a hanging offence in Freeport). Before the hapless guards can react Zan’thire comes strolling up and, with blasé nonchalance for the consequences, proceeds to kill the three standing guards with a spell of chain lightening. With their route now clear they round the corner, spotting only an empty horse and cart tethered up outside, and make their way to the front doors of the MAH. Finding the sturdy doors are locked the half-orc attempts to break it down using brute force but only succeeds in injuring himself. The heavily armoured paladin however is powered by a blindly psychotic belief that the jewel he is seeking is somehow involved in this incident and may even be in the MAH; he therefore proceeds to repeatedly batter the door until it gives way. As Zan’thire and Malefice make their way into the Gauntlet, Willard is left to sit outside, nursing his injured arm.

Back on the roof, Edward manages to beat up another guard but makes the mistake of peeking down the ventilation shaft too many times and the mage below finally has his act together and manages to cast a sleep spell which renders the violent and inquisitive musketeer unconscious. Lucerne, having dragged herself back over to the roof comes running to the rescue and casts a spell which promptly reawakens Edward. Izzard meanwhile busies himself robbing the knocked out guards and before Edward can object he also severs the rope in the ventilation shaft, preventing any more guards from coming up and sending one who was mid-climb, tumbling back down onto a palette. The trio decide that they can achieve nothing further up on the roof and devise a plan to get back down to street level with only one rope. They shimmy across the gap to the outer wall and Edward shoots the other end of the rope with his musket and Lucern pulls it up and throws it down over the other side of the wall, allowing them all to climb down to freedom. Once on street level however, these guys too don’t decide to make good their escape and instead spout some rhetoric about not leaving any man behind and make their way towards the front entrance! Before they reach it they come across the bodies of the five murdered guards and make an attempt to convince the one remaining injured guard that they are not involved in the robbery – something which is belied by the fact that Izzard is busy looting the bodies of the injured guard’s dead comrades in plain view.

Zan’thire and Malefice continue on their mad plan to break into the MAH (again!) and after a failed attempt by the paladin to brute force the next door blocking their way, Zan’thire proceeds to use the last of his magical reserves to pick the lock. With access to the facility achieved once more they rush into the auction yard and warehouse and find both empty and seemingly deserted. Searching around they find a closed door to one of the rooms. Inside the dining room, which served as a makeshift guardroom, the guard sergeant, the mage and the one remaining guard have barricaded themselves inside and placed a table and bookshelf across the door. Gito has been placed in chains and seeing his captors distracted gives him the idea of making a break for it but he receives a sturdy clobbering for his efforts. The paladin meanwhile begins to batter in the door blocking his path once more.

Outside, Willard is surprised to see two carts full of city guards come trundling up, each containing mages. These are the second re-enforcements summoned to handle this outrageously bold attack on the MAH by a band of skilled and determined attackers. These guys are taking no chances and quickly arrest the injured half-orc, clap him in irons and place him aboard one of the wagons. One of the mages and eight guards then enters the MAH.

Edward and his compatriots then finally make their way around the corner and spot Willard being held captive. Against all sane reason and still spouting the “leave no man behind” mantra they quickly decide to approach the guards and bluff the release of their colleague in crime. They are challenged upon their approach and agree to be disarmed. Both Edward, with a bullshit story and a letter, and the skilled conman Izzard, fail to convince the nervous guards, and the no-nonsense wizard instructs his subordinates to arrest the interlopers and place them aboard the wagon.


Part Two
Breaking and entering


Edward and Lucern manage to locate the Municipal Auction House (MAH) and scout around its perimeter and observe that it is a sturdy compound ringed with a 20ft high wall topped with spikes; the flat squat roof of the auction house itself just peeks above. Lucern knocks on the front door and attempts to use her feminine charms to admit her entry but the responding guard does not want to risk losing his job. As night falls the duo decide to return to the dockside tavern and gather the rest of the group.

Once back at the tavern the musketeer and mystic relay the key information back to the group and a discussion on how best to proceed ensues. After a while a plan is formulated and the goblin is dispatched to steal two grappling hooks from a nearby moored ship which he does with suitable professional aplomb. Izzard, the dirty lizard grafter, is dispatched to locate the paladin and prince in Old Town. Izzard manages to charm his way past the guards and the tavern doorman and informs the pompous Elf prince and the pretentious templar that their assistance is required over at the MAH.

A short time later, at roughly 8pm, the entire group is assembled outside a closed shop whose roof is the closest to the MAH. Gito the goblin deftly picks the locks on the door and admits the musketeer who locates a hatch out onto the roof upstairs. While the majority of the group pile into the shop the pompous prince and his templar bodyguard head off into a side street and summon an undead spirit. Zan’thire instructs the summoned angry spirit to enter the MAH and drive out anyone wearing a guards’ uniform (blue and silver). The incorporeal spirit then charges into the wall and disappears from view.

Meanwhile, back on the shop roof, the musketeer expertly casts a grappling hook over to the MAH perimeter wall which allows Gito to shimmy across carrying the second rope which he throws over to reach a ventilation tower on the MAH roof. With a clear rope path leading directly onto the MAH roof Lucern, Gito, Edward and Izzard make their way across with Willard the half-orc remaining at the shop, securing the rope. While the musketeer sets about dismantling the wooden slats of the ventilation tower a commotion, opening doors and shouts and cries from somewhere at the front of the building. With slats removed, Gito is daring enough to be the first one through the aperture but soon finds that he is hanging by his claws from a 20ft drop into what appears to be the MAH warehouse. The musketeer quickly calls over to Willard and instructs him to release the end of the first rope which he duly does – Edward then conveys the rope over to Izzard and drops it down into the warehouse, allowing the dirty lizard to safely clamber down on top of the nearest pallet.

Lucern and Gito quickly follow and make entry into the MAH while Edward remains up top guarding the rope and exit point. Inside the warehouse the trio observe that the large dark room contains a number of 6ft pallets covered with sheets and bearing a single letter denoting the lot it belongs to. They can still hear a commotion occurring on the other side of the wall but decide to exploit the opportunity to search through the lots; they execute the search systematically with Izzard taking the outermost row, Lucern taking the middle row and Gito taking the innermost row. The goblin walks past the letter K (K for Knobertal, the lot where they have been instructed they will find the case) and as he is about to reach the next palette a monstrous green howling demon with red eyes comes screaming out of the shadows. Gito’s quick thief reflexes allow him to spring out of the way just in time to avoid a swipe of the demons claw and he turns to flee for the exit rope, but not before another swipe from the demon sends him sprawling across the floor, several feet away. Before the demon can exploit its advantage Lucern the mystic springs to Gito’s aid and uses her arcane knowledge to successfully cast a banishing spell which sends the howling demon back to the dimension from which it came. Lucern picks Gito up and they can still hear shouting from the front of the building and decide that they will continue to search every pallet which they do – and find no trace of any case.

With all pallets searched and empty handed they come across a corridor and three closed doors. One door leads into a dining room which appeared to have been used as a guard room; the upturned chairs and general disarray indicate that the occupants left in a hurry. Lucern opens the door to the left and finds herself in the auction room where a raging spectre is holding a number of terrified guards at bay. The guards are backed at the main entrance with their swords drawn; the sergeant, clutching a glowing gem about his neck observes the strange woman standing in the doorway on the other side of the auction room. Lucern darts back into the main building and closes the door. Izzard and the mystic decide it’s time to make good their escape and run back to the warehouse and climb back up to the roof. Gito meanwhile, has discovered a room with a safe; once more using his expert skills as a thief and a burglar he manages to crack open the safe and discovers a purse containing 10 sovereigns. He turns to leave but finds his way blocked by two guards with swords at the ready.


Part One
The rag tag group arrives in town and take a job offer


Fleeing from their homelands for various different reasons, the group sails into Freeport on The Black Rose, a privateer vessel captained by the rogue sea trader Captain Jacob Silverblood. They are unceremoniously deposited on the bustling docks and spend some time trying to work out what to do and where to go before finally settling on gathering their plans and working through their options inside a nearby stinky tavern.

Once inside the motley crew of races and classes instantly attract the attention of the taverns’ patrons but fortunately the presence of the robust and somewhat scary looking Azhar Templar, Malfice, prevents the outbreak of any bar fights. The Templar has a quick conversation with The Black Rose’s pilot, Mr Crumble, and learns that the most appropriate place for the exiled Prince Zan’thire to reside is in the Old City.

The Half-Orc, Willard Darksting, attempts his best as learning of his new environs from the plain speaking barman and ends up renting a room for four of the group within the tavern. Willard is then approached by a bystander, a rough looking man, who enquires as to the groups newness in town and their monetary situation. He ends up conversing with Willard and the musketeer, Edward, while Izzard and Gito eavesdrop. The man offers them the job of retrieving a case from the Municipal Auction House for a 18% share of the profits; he refuses to reveal what is in the case but confirms that it can be carried by a single person and that the auction house is well guarded by members of the city watch. Willard agrees and he is told that once he has the case he is to take it to the Chum House in the Scurvytown district.

The Elf prince and the Templar duly depart and bribe their way into the old city and take up residence in a plush and very expensive looking tavern. They take the Royal Suite and safely ensconce themselves within its luxurious confines.

The rest of the group heads into the Warehouse district to reconnoitre the Municipal Auction House before nightfall.



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