Edward Hawking

Marksman muskateer deserter


Tall, bold and strong with a steely gaze and long flowing locks. Smartly dressed in the remnants of his military uniform and carrying his trusty musket on his shoulder.

Aspects – Deserter seeking a safe-haven, Hates bullies; doesn’t mind wading in, stands his ground.

Stunts – Surgical strike, Killing strike, Sifts out unwanted targets.

Fate – Met his end by several sword blows delivered by Mazzin slave sailors on-board The Narwhale during an epic battle.


Born in the city of Duboise in the country of Istel, Edward Hawking’s mother died very young and his father was a musketeer in Duke Gascoigne D’Ubrick’s household who eventually rose to the rank of Major, an incredible feat for a low born. Edward was thus raised, following the death of his mother, in the Duke’s household with his son Charles.
When he became of age, he enlisted with the Empire’s Continental Army as his father had. Bringing with him a letter of recommendation from the duke, he joined the ranks of the Emperors Guns and trained as a musketeer accordingly. He kept in close contact with his father and friend Charles D’Ubrick during this period of time.
When he reached the age of 23 he met a nice girl in the capital by the name Lucy Elise, and decided to marry her. He returned to Duboise to have the ceremony, with his father and Charles in attendance, with the Duke officiating., before returning back to the capital as he was stationed there. By the next spring they had a child, a girl they named Mary.
They were married for seven years before the Spewing Sickness that had been sweeping through the capital at the time infected the two of them, killing them within a week. Edward was away with the military at the time, when he returned and found out what had befallen his wife and child he was devastated, not soon after his father died. It was only the letters from Charles that kept him grounded in reality and not doing something stupid.
When the War of the Seventh Lion broke out, Hawking was sent with rest of his platoon to the front lines. It was during this time that he showed key leadership skills and was promoted to sergeant of his troop.
During the war he saw terrible things and it would’ve broken a weaker man, but Hawking was made of stronger stuff. He managed to keep it together and keep the men under his command spirits up. However near the end of the war, a superior officer ordered him and his troop to attack a village as part of three pronged offensive. Hawking immediately saw that this was a suicide mission. Not wanting to risk his men’s lives, he shot the superior officer in the back as he walked away.
Something broke inside Edward that day, he gave into the anger and madness that plagued his heart since his wife and child had died. The last time anyone ever saw of Edward Hawking, he was walking into the desert, a pack of rations slung over one shoulder and his musket strapped to his back. An outstanding warrant still awaits him back home.
He traveled north until he reached the Strait, there he stayed in an in for the night were he reunited with his friend Wilard Drakesting, a mercenary travelling duelist who had served with his platoon some time back. They made a plan to travel to Freeport to take jobs and survive in the pirate town.

Edward Hawking is a proud man, quick to anger but disiplined. He is determined to do what is right no matter what and will fight injustice wherever it is. He lives by the military ethos of brother’s-in-arms, thus he will never leave a man under his command behind no matter the difficulty. His reason for travelling to Freeport are threefold: 1) Avoid capture by his military at all costs, 2) Make enough to survive on his own, and where else to do that but Freeport, 3) Seek redemption for all the horrible things he did in war.
The only things he brought with him on his journey were: his tattered uniform, marriage locket, the last letter his friend Charles sent him, and his trusty musket Lucy.

Edward Hawking

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