Gito Youful

Adept Goblin Thief


Small and green with red eyes. Dressed in rags and walks with a self assured swagger.

Aspects – Wants to join the Thieves Guild and unite his Goblin brothers; Silver catches my eyes. Experienced burglar.

Stunts – Small size; Goblin backstabber.

Fate – Lived to fight another day. Successfully conquered the evil mage and recovered the cursed blade. Currently sailing the high seas on-board The Narwhale as its pirate captain.


Downtrodden and forced into a life of crime, the goblin is now a very capable thief and burglar with hundreds of offences to his name. So much crime has come to be noticed and he has been forced to leave his homeland before the law caught up with him.

He has struck up an alliance with the Kobold grifter, Izzard.

Gito Youful

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