Izzard Forhtongue

Kobalt Grifter out to make a mint


Small, brown and scaly with red beady eyes. Has spent many a year bamboozling people out of their hard earned coin; principally through the deception of being almost incomprehensible. The little lizard’s strong accent his very hard to decipher.

Aspects – I’m a dirty lizard and I’m out to make a mint; I piss people off; I have a mental condition which makes me speak with a strong accent.

Stunts – Quick claws; warren guide.

Fate – Met his death aboard The Narwhale in an epic battle with an evil mage. The said evil stabbed him with a cursed magical dagger (but one of its many victims).


This well traveled mountain lizard lacks morals and travels far and wide leaving suckers and marks in his wake. He recently visited Prince Zan’thire’s Elven kingdom in an attempt to execute a well practiced scam; unfortunately the homicidal Prince’s schemes occurred during the lizard’s visit and now he too must make himself scarce lest King Rindel’s wrath and assassins catch him up.

On the voyage to Freeport he has struck up a mutual bond with a fellow traveler in illegal circles – a goblin thief.

Izzard Forhtongue

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