Malefice Forrester

Azhar Templar of the Brotherhood of Knights Palladin


Tall, muscular bronze-fleshed, red-eyed and red-mained Azhar; clad in well made shining armour, Malefice is a sight to behold and most know not to trifle with him. He carries a large two-handed sword which he knows how to use.

Aspects – I am seeking a mystic gem – and nothing will stand in my way; I think I’m well-important (destined Sir Knight); I’m am loathed by many for my outlandish appearance.

Stunts – Elementalist (Fire Magic); Dark vision.

Fate – Beheaded by the city guard during a botched robbery of the MAH.


On a quest to locate a mysterious and powerful religious relic, Malefice will go to the ends of the earth and back again to find and claim it for his order. He feels entitled and appointed by the forces of destiny itself. He is so wrapped up in himself and his quest that on a recent visit to an Elvish kingdom, he was unable to see through Prince Zan’thire’s selfish schemes that involved the seasoned knight in a brutal murder. He is still under the persuasion of the errant royal and little understands just how much trouble he is in.

Malefice Forrester

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